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Committee Members

Previous Committee Chairs

Mission & Responsibilities

The Awards Committee is responsible for selecting the winners of the various continuing awards which the Association bestows, and for any special awards which the Association may provide. The President’s Award shall be the purview of the President, and the Committee may coordinate and publicize its presentation. It will also be the responsibility of the Committee to extend a courtesy meal ticket to the award winner and one guest.

Duties of the Committee

1. Set deadlines for nominations for the awards and publicize availability of nomination forms.

2. Solicit and evaluate nominations.

3. Make the final selections.

4. Publicize the recipients.

5. Coordinate the presentation of the awards at the Annual Conference (in conjunction with the Conference Committee and the ArLA Executive Administrator) with the responsibility for:

  • Table seating arrangements 
  • Design and printing programs 
  • Coordinate with the ArLA office in ordering and delivering of the plaques 
  • Selection of awards presenters

6. The Committee will extend a courtesy meal ticket to the award winner and one guest.

Current Committee Members

Current Members:

Judy Calhoun, Chair
Regional Director, Southeast Arkansas Regional Library 1 870-367-8584, ext. 222 Southeast AR Regional Library
Allie Stevens Director Calhoun County Library
Rhona Huges Library Media Specialist Fountain Lake Middle School Library
Lisa Pickett Director Camden & Ouachita Co Public Library
Tina Murdock Archivist Hendrix

Previous Awards Committee Chairs

2023 - Judy Calhoun
2022 - Quanta Wyatt
2021 - Allie Stevens
2020 - Mindy Farley
2019 - Philip C. Shackelford

2018 - Judy Calhoun
2017 - Dwain Gordon
2016 – Amber Gregory
2015 – Sloan Powell
2014 – Cathy Toney
2013 – Cathy Toney
2012 – Jamie Melson
2011 – Jamie Melson
2010 – Barbie James
2009 – Barbie James
2008 – Kaye Talley
2007 – Kaye Talley
2006 – Sandy Olson
2005 – Sandy Olson
2004 – Jamie Melson
2003 – Frances Hager
2002 – Bob Yehl
2001 – Bob Yehl
2000 – Barbie James
1999 – Alice Coleman

Current & Past Award Winners

Arkansas Intellectual Freedom Award

2023---Adam Webb
2021---Mary Spears Polk, John McGraw, and the Faulkner County Library Staff
2020---Pridefest Committee from William F. Laman Public Library System in N. Little Rock, Arkansas:  Members of the committee Richard Theilig, Chris Thompson, Adam Branscum, Robin Campbell, Chance Griebel, Lena Hill, Lilith MacFarlin, Shelbie Reed, Michael Thornton, Dominic Watada and Jonathan Webb.
2019---Shenise L. McGhee
2006—Estella Mae Roberts
1999—Dr. Terry Fiddler
1998—Winston Simpson, Bryant School Board and Truett McCurry
1996—Linda Poindexter

Arkansiana Award

2021---Marla Cantrell for Early Morning in the Land of Dreams (Adult Fiction), David Hill for The Vapors : A Southern Family , the New York Mob, and the Rise and Fall of Hot Springs (Adult Non-Fiction), and Darcy Pattison and Eileen Hutcheson for A Little Bit of Dinosaur (Juvenile)
2019---Brooks Blevins
2017-  Ali Welky for A Captive Audience: Voices of Japanese American Youth in World War II Arkansas (Juvenile), Sanderia Faye, Mourner’s Bench (Adult Fiction), and Rex Nelson, Southern Fried: Going Whole Hog in a State of Wonder (Adult Non-Fiction)
2015—Johnny Boggs for Poison Spring (Juvenile/YA) and Marvin Schwartz for We Wanna Boogie: The Rockabilly Roots of Sonny Burgess and the Pacers (Non-Fiction)
2013—Shelley Tougas for Little Rock Girl, 1957: How a Photograph Changed the Fight for Integration (Juvenile/YA); Vivienne Schiffer for Camp Nine (Fiction); Jeannie Whayne for Delta Empire: Lee Wilson and the Transformation of Agriculture in the New South (Non-Fiction)
2011—Brooks Blevins for Arkansas/Arkansaw : How Bear Hunters, Hillbillies, and Good Ol’ Boys Defined a State (non-fiction), Nancy Dane for her Civil War in Arkansas Trilogy (fiction),  Paul Robert Walker for Remember Little Rock : The Time, The People, The Stories (juvenile)
2009—Elizabeth Jacoway for Turn Away Thy Son (nonfiction), Phil McMath for Lost Kingdoms (fiction), and Sharon Draper for Fire From the Rock (juvenile)
2007—Grif Stockley (Adult Non-Fiction) and Diane Everman (Juvenile)
2005—Dr. Ken Barnes (Adult Non-Fiction) and Charles Sandage (Juvenile Fiction)
2003—Robert Somerlott, Jeannie Whayne, Tom DeBlack, Morris S. “Buzz” Arnold, and George Sabo III
2001—William Cobb, John Grisham, and Jonathon Thorndike
1999—Sara Alderman Murphy, Don Harington, and Eileen Lucas
1997—Jeannie M. Whayne
1995—Carolyn G. LeMaster
1993—Neil Compton
1991—John Graves
1989—Carl Moneyhon and Bobby Roberts
1987—Stephen A. Smith
1985—Shirley Abbot
1983—Timothy P. Donovan and Willard B. Gatewood
1981—Elizabeth Huckaby
1979—Harry S. Ashmore

Baker & Taylor Grass Roots Grant

1994—Petra Pershall

LaNell Compton Award (for best article in Arkansas Libraries)

2023---Dr. Kay Walter & Elizabeth Parish
2020---A. Blake Denton
2018 - Cynthia J. Arnold, Jennifer O. Baine, Mindy F. Farley, Philip C. Shackelford, and Lauri T. Wilson
2016—Sue Ann Pekel
2014—Hadi Dudley
2012—Dr. Jud H. Copeland
2010—Judy Robinson
2008—Tracy Farmer
2006—Karen Russ
2004—Bob Razer
2002—Sarah Bryan
2000—Kay Bland and Peggy Morrison
1998—Art Lichtenstein
1996—Susan Cooper
1994—Bob Razer
1992—Mary Hawks and Jan Hart
1990—Margaret R. Beam
1988—Bob Razer
1986—Laura Gassaway
1984—Bob Razer
1982—Clifton O. Lawhorne

Lorrie Shuff Paraprofessional Award

2023---Jasmine Jobe
2022 - Amy DeVooght
2021---Katherine Blake
2020---Rebecca Fischer
2019---Simone Kirk
2018 - Karen Pruneda
2017-  Shawn Manis
2016—Lisa Holiman
2015—Erin Baber
2014—Wade Brightwell
2013—Melanie Allen
2012—Lynaire Hartsell
2011—Kim Hillison
2010—Kareen Turner
2009—Donna Rusher
2008—Trish Miller
2007—Brenda Van Dusen
2006—Loretta Edwards
2005—Donette Smith
2004—No award given
2003—Rita Mackintosh
2002—Sandra Hooper & Sandra Olson
2001—Jamie Melson
2000—Sherryl Robinson
1999—Lorraine “Lorrie” Shuff
1998—Dusty Schmid
1997—Charlie Stayton
1996—Donna Washko

Ann Lightsey Award

2023---Wendy Christy
2022 - Katie Allen
2021---Kirsten Blake
2020---Brittany Chavez
2018 --Marilyn Willis
2017---Brittany Tavernaro
2016—Lisa Donovan
2015—Simone Kirk
2014—Deborah Edmonds
2013—Sharon Christian
2012—Sue Ann Pekel
2011—Cathy Howser
2010—Lolly Greenwood
2009—Kay Taylor
2008—Tiffany Hough
2007—Bettye Kerns
2006—Mary Furlough

Retta Patrick Award

2023---Quanta Wyatt
2022---Ronda Hughes
2021---Sloan Powell
2020---Chelsey Turner
2018---Ashley J. Cooksey
2017---Stony Evans
2015—Cathy Toney
2014—Ashley J. Cooksey
2013—Shirley Fetherolf
2012—Dr. Stephanie Huffman
2011—Jana Dixon
2010—Annette Lemley
2009—Sue Ellen Bristow
2008—Ann Ayres
2007—Connie Zimmer
2006—Diane Hughes
2004—Brenda Wayne
2003—Karen Richardson
2002—Barbie James
2001—Sylvia Chudy
2000—Cassandra Barnett, Wanda Jones, Barbara McKinney
1999—Kay Bland, Margaret Crank
1998—Jody B. Charter
1997—Rachel Shankles
1996—Selvin Royal
1993—Frances Kuykendall
1992—Don DeWeese
1989—Judy Pitts, Barbara Stripling

President’s Award (this is only chosen and given by the ArLA President)

2023---Amber Wilson
2021---Janice Weddle
2020---Ron Russ
2019---Lynn A.Valetutti
2016—Ron Russ
2011—Bill and Elizabeth Sanders
2011—Barbara Martin (posthumously)
2007—Governor Mike Beebe
2002—Karen Russ
2000—Dwain Gordon
1999—Dusty Schmid
1997—Michael Dougan, Tom Dillard, and Tim Nutt
1993—Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth Thomason

Distinguished Service Award

2023---Adam Webb
2022---Debbie Hall
2021---Ruth Hyatt
2020---Edward Fontenette
2019---Gwen Dobbs
2018---Britt Anne Murphy
2017---Eva White
2016—Donna McDonald
2015—Judy Calhoun
2014—Carolyn Ashcraft
2013—Frances Hager
2012—Helen Giessen Guenter
2011—John Wells
2010—Kathie Buckman
2009—Kaye Talley
2008—Kim Patterson
2007—Sarah Ziegenbein
2006—Bill Traylor
2004—Louise Turner
2003—Phyllis Burkett
2002—Lolly Shaver
2001—Arthur Berman
2000—Dave Burdick
1999—Patricia Zabel
1998—Jenny Petty
1997—John “Pat” Murphey, Jr.
1996—Florence Jordan Bradley
1995—Mary Cheatham
1994—Grace Donoho
1993—Bobby Roberts
1992—Terry Sypoll
1991—Gay Moore
1990—Cassie Brothers
1988—Rose Hogan
1987—Winnie Bell
1986—Lillian Randleman
1985—Larry Larson
1984—Don B. DeWeese
1983—Marcella Grider
1982—Retta Patrick

Bessie Moore Trustee Award

2023---Karen Harbut
2022---Bill Walmsley
2021---Dr. Jeff Whittingham
2020---William C. Horrell
2019---Fayetteville Public Library Board of Trustees
2018---Jami Anne Balkman
2014—Van Buren County Library
2013—Ash Flat Library Board
2011—Crawford County Library Boards
2010—Michael Burris
2009—Donna McDonald
2008—Donna Parker
2007—Dr. Phillip D. Nix
2003—Glenanna O’ Mara
2002—Donna Casparian
2001—Mary I. Wold
2000—Violet Isaacks
1999—Stanley R. Langley
1998—Joyce Boswell
1997—Anne Weber
1996—Janet Kielsmeier
1995—Tom Dillard
1994—Neil M. Henry
1993—Kersh Hall
1992—M. Elizabeth Kimzy
1990—Harold Ohlendorf
1989—Julia Gardner
1988—Lee Gordon
1985—Glenna Garner
1984—Donald Roeder
1983—Nell Henry
1982—Winnie Mercer Lowe, Joannn Newell, and Fred Darragh
1981—Ruth Fowler
1980—Mrs. W.B. Burkett
1979—J.D. Lybrand

Suzanne Spurrier Academic Librarian Award

2023---Amy McGohan
2022---Janice Weddle
2021---Lacy Wolfe
2020---Lauri Wilson
2019---Jean Waldrop
2018---David Sesser
2017---Jerrie Jones Townsend
2016—Rebecka Virden
2015—Karen Russ
2014—Bill Parton
2013—Ann Dixon
2012—Britt Anne Murphy
2011—No sward given
2010—No award given
2009—Necia Parker-Gibson
2008—Kathie Buckman
2007—Ron Russ
2006—Art Lichtenstein
2004—Henry Terrill
2003—Peggy Morrison
2002—Rene LeBeau Ford
2001—Amanda Moore

Frances P. Neal Award

2023---Tina Murdoch
2022---Dean Covington
2021---Rachel Shankles
2020---Carolyn Ashcraft
2019---Elizabeth Chadburn Mckee
2018---Dwain Gordon
2017---Gwen Khayat
2016—Dr. Bobby Roberts
2015—Jay Ziolko
2013—Phyllis Burkett
2012—Bettye Fowler Kerns
2011—Henry Terrill
2010—Sarah Ziegenbein
2009—Peggy Walters
2008—Susie Boyett
2007—Ellen Johnson
2006—Lolly Ledbetter Shaver
2005—Larry Larson
2003—Kinne Colpitts
2002—John “Pat” Murphey, Jr.
2001—Edwina Walls Mann
2000—Jackie Wright
1999—Don B. DeWeese
1998—Martha Florine Overton
1997—Shelly T. Wold
1996—Gladys Sachse
1995—Shannon Henderson
1994—Jean Raybon
1991—Evelyn McCoy
1989—Bessie Smith Lockard
1988—Lucille Murphy
1986—Ruth Brunson
1985—Juanita Carter
1984—Freddy Schader

Rising Star Award

2023---Kelsey Gocio
2022---Jim Curry
2021---Amanda "Mandy" Bashaw
2020---Adam Branscum
2019---Sarah Beth Lesko
2018---Ronda Hughes
2017---Sandy Doss

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