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ARKLIB-L - this is a public membership list as well as for anyone interested in Arkansas libraries.

arlaexecbd is a private discussion list for the ArLA Executive Board

arla_working_group list is a private discussion list for the ArLA Working Group (consists of the ArLA Executive Board, CI Chairs, and Committee Chairs)

Communities of Interest/Affiliate Mailing Lists

ARCULI-L@LISTSERV.UARK.EDU (Arkansas College and University Libraries) is the address of a private discussion list for academic library personnel. This also has been used for CULAR and it's antecedents.

To subscribe:

  1. Log into the email account that will be subscribed to the list.
  2. Open a new message and remove any text, including your signature line.
  3. In the To field, enter “” Leave the Subject line blank.
  4. If you wish to subscribe, enter “subscribe ARCULI-L Your First Name Your Last Name” in the body of the email. Delete any signature block.
  5. Send the message.
  6. Alternately, or
Arlaconf- private discussion list of the ArLA Conference Committee.

Arlascholarship - private discussion list of the ArLA Scholarship Committee

Arlatyc - Mailing list for Two Year College CI

AQuALib - The mailing list for the Arkansas Queer Alliance for Libraries CI

LDD3 - Mailing list for Library Development District 3 (central Arkansas)

MArLA - Mailing list for the Making Arkansas Libraries Accessible CI

RISci - Mailing list for Reference and Instruction Services CI

WMS_CI - Mailing list for WMS Community of Interest

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