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Awards Committee 

Mission & Responsibilities

The Awards Committee is responsible for selecting the winners of the various continuing awards which the Association bestows, and for any special awards which the Association may provide. The President’s Award shall be the purview of the President, and the Committee may coordinate and publicize its presentation. It will also be the responsibility of the Committee to extend a courtesy meal ticket to the award winner and one guest.

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Duties of the Committee: 

1. Set deadlines for nominations for the awards and publicize availability of nomination forms.

2. Solicit and evaluate nominations.

3. Make the final selections.

4. Publicize the recipients.

5. Coordinate the presentation of the awards at the Annual Conference (in conjunction with the Conference Committee and the ArLA Executive Administrator) with the responsibility for:

  • Table seating arrangements 
  • Design and printing programs 
  • Coordinate with the ArLA office in ordering and delivering of the plaques 
  • Selection of awards presenters

6. The Committee will extend a courtesy meal ticket to the award winner and one guest.

Current Committee Members

Allie Stevens, Chair
Programming and Outreach Librarian
South Arkansas Community College
El Dorado, AR 71730

Previous Awards Committee Chairs

2019 - Philip C. Shackelford
2018 - Judy Calhoun
2017 - Dwain Gordon
2016 – Amber Gregory
2015 – Sloan Powell
2014 – Cathy Toney
2013 – Cathy Toney
2012 – Jamie Melson
2011 – Jamie Melson
2010 – Barbie James
2009 – Barbie James
2008 – Kaye Talley
2007 – Kaye Talley
2006 – Sandy Olson
2005 – Sandy Olson
2004 – Jamie Melson
2003 – Frances Hager
2002 – Bob Yehl
2001 – Bob Yehl
2000 – Barbie James
1999 – Alice Coleman

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