Legislative Committee

Hadi Dudley, Co-Chair
Library Director
Bentonville Public Library
405 S Main Street
Bentonville, AR 72712
[email protected]

David Johnson, Co-Chair
Executive Director
Fayetteville Public Library
401 West Mountain Street
Fayetteville, AR 72701
[email protected]

Amber Gregory (Special)

Cassandra Barnett (School)

Courtney Fitzgerald (Public)

Donna McDonald (NLLD Representative)

Philip Shackelford (Academic)

Previous Committee Chairs

2016 – Hadi Dudley
2015 – Amber Gregory
2014 – Heather Hays
2013 – Heather Hays
2012 – Hadi Dudley
2009 – Donna McDonald
2008 – Donna McDonald
2007 -Dave Burdick
2006- Dave Burdick
2005- Dave Burdick
2004- Dave Burdick
2003- Bettye Kerns
2002- Bettye Kerns & Kathy Sanders
2001- Bettye Kerns & Kathy Sanders
2000- Jack Mulkey
1999- Kathy Sanders & Bettye Kerns
1998- Kathy Sanders

Helpful Links

Arkansas Code

Arkansas Legislature

Links to Arkansas Senate, Arkansas House of Representatives, Senate/House Calendars, Bills and Resolutions, Committees, Staff, and General Legislative Activities.

ArLA Take Action for Libraries


Join the Arkansas Library Listserv, where updates pertaining to legislative issues will be posted.

American Library Association Legislative Action Center

Newly redesigned site provides list of issues, list of representatives by zip code, and list of media outlets (also by zip code).  Requires registration in order to send messages to members of congress.

American Library Association Washington Office Newsline (ALAWON)

The ALA Washington Office Electronic Newsline, a good way to keep in touch with national issues.


A Legislative Bill Tracking System when the Arkansas State Legislature is
in regular session. Free for state agencies and educational institutions,
including Public Librarians, School Librarians, College Librarians, and any State Employee

Search for Bills (on-going or past Arkansas Legislative Sessions)

Search for Bills or Acts which have passed in the current or recent Legislative Session. Click on the “Search Form” for full-text searching capabilities.

United States Code

Search the United States Code, Office of the Law Revision Counsel. Includes full-text and Boolean and proximity searching capabilities.