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A quarterly email news brief from the Intellectual Freedom Committee
of the Arkansas Library Association.
Welcome to the first email newsletter from the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the Arkansas Library Association. It is our intent to bring news of intellectual freedom issues, both in Arkansas and worldwide, to you on a regular basis.

The very conservative Claire Booth Luce, former co-publisher of Time magazine said,
“Censorship, like charity, should begin at home: but unlike charity, it should end there.” The right of person to read or not read what they chose is a personal right, not a state privilege. The ArLA Intellectual Freedom Committee exists to promote intellectual freedom and to fight censorship in all forms. Education on the issue is one of our responsibilities, hence this e-brief.

Another part of our responsibilities is to help insure members of the Association support one another when faced with censorship. I remember the first time a patron demanded I remove a book with dirty words, then wanting me to explain by what community standards I was keeping it in the library.  I was a very young library director and I was terrified. If you are faced with such a situation, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to the Association. You don’t have to face it alone – we have resources and contacts to help you!

With this inaugural newsletter, let me reach out and ask for more representation on the committee.
A representative from K-12 schools, and from colleges/universities is needed to serve on the committee. Committee work includes gleaning news from your particular spheres of service and assisting those in your specific field deal with such situations. Committee work is handled by email whenever possible. If you are willing to serve, please let me know.

Very best,

John Paul Myrick

U.S.A. Flag by Caitmall
·         UTAH ATTEMPTS TO FORCE FILTERING ON LIBRARY WIFI’S from the Associated Press via the McClatchy DC website.
A group of Utah senators signed off Tuesday on the first of two proposals this year continuing a lawmaker’s campaign against pornography…”  Also read a response from Jim Cooper, Salt Lake County Library Director on the Utah Senate’s filtering attempt in the Salt Lake Tribune.
·        WEENIES STORIES INFLAME CENSOR’S IMAGINATION  – from The Morning Call (Allentown, PA).
A teacher feels children’s stories are too suggestive.

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“Censors tend to do what only psychotics do: they confuse reality with illusion.” – David Cronenberg