Bylaws (Old)



Section 1. Classification of membership.

Membership of the Association shall consist of Personal members and institutional members. Personal members shall have the right to vote in elections and on business matters, hold office, serve on committees, attend division and round table meetings, and receive all publications and notices of the Association upon payment of annual dues.

Personal member categories are:

1. Regular – includes librarians, other library employees, and others employed in library service or related activities.

2. First Time – persons joining the Association for the first time.

3. Trustee – includes those not employed in library and information services or related activities who are members of library boards.

4. Retired Library Employee – persons retired from any library position.

5. Student – a person enrolled in a library degree granting program or related field.

6. Contributing – any person or group (e.g. organization, company, etc.) interested in the purpose of the Association

7. Life – any person (age 60+) who has purchased life membership in the Association.

8. Honorary – persons who have rendered important service to library interests may be granted this designation, nominated by the Executive Committee and approved by the Executive Board.

9. Institutional membership is available to libraries, schools, businesses other groups interested in the purpose of the Association. Institutional members shall receive the official publication but shall not have a vote or representation.

Section 2. Dues.

A. The dues set forth in the Bylaws are to be paid to the Executive Administrator by end of their membership month. Expired memberships may be reinstated upon payment of dues.

B. Dues to be paid shall be as follows:

1. Regular Member Dues Guidelines

Salary Dues

$0 – $14,999 $25
$15,000 – $29,999 $45
$30,000 – $44,999 $65
$45,000 – $59,999 $85
$60,000 – $74,999 $105
$75,000 – $89,999 $125
$90,000 – up $145

2. First time member $25

3. Trustee $25

4. Retired Library Employee $25

5. Student Member $25

6. Life Member $500

7. Honorary membership no dues

8. Institutional member $100

C. An additional joint membership option is available for students, in partnership with the American Library Association (ALA). The membership dues are determined by ALA, and the fee is split evenly between the national association and our chapter.

Section 3. Membership year.

Membership for the Association will run on a 12 month basis from time of payment.

Article II.


Divisions of the Arkansas Library Association are:

1. Arkansas Association of School Librarians (AASL)

2. Arkansas Library Paraprofessionals Division (ALPS)

3. College and University Libraries Division (CULD)

4. Public Libraries/Trustees Division

5. Reference and Instruction Services Division (RISD)

6. Resources and Technical Services Division (RTSD)

7. Special Libraries Division

Article III.

Round Tables

Round tables of the Arkansas Library Association are:

1. Government Documents

2. Information Technology

3. Two Year Colleges

4. Youth Services

Article IV.

ArLA Manual

Section 1. The Office of the Executive Administrator shall maintain and distribute an ArLA Manual to guide the Association employees, officers, committees, round tables, task forces, and interest groups in the discharge of their duties.

Section 2. The ArLA Manual and all changes shall be approved by the Executive Board. Changes become effective immediately upon approval by the Board.

Article V.

Payment of Expenses

Travel expenses shall be dealt with as follows: Maximum amounts for reimbursement shall be determined by the Executive Board. Using procedures described in the Arkansas Library Association Manual (Chapter 8, Funding Expenses & Budgeting), receipts for travel expenses shall be submitted to the Executive Administrator for reimbursement after approval by the President.