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Pandemic Response Committee (ad-hoc)

Mission & Responsibilities

In recognition of the significant and unique challenges our member libraries face due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Arkansas Library Association establishes the Pandemic Response Committee, on Friday, April 10, 2020. The Committee’s responsibility will be to gather resources and facilitate effective preparedness on the part of our member libraries and as an Association.

Duties of the Committee: 

1. Collect and distribute information regarding best practices for pandemic preparedness measures, capacity development, and response

2. Provide resources and technical assistance to Arkansas libraries in outbreak and potential outbreak areas

3. Prioritize and guide the allocation and targeting of resources for member libraries

4. Draft and recommend policy required to sustain and optimize pandemic preparedness, including advocacy at all levels of government

5. Celebrate and recognize the incredible and valuable work being done by our member libraries during this and any future epidemic or pandemic emergencies

Current Committee Members

Britt Anne Murphy, Chair

Philip Shackelford

Susie Kirk

Lavoris Martin

Ron Russ

Lynn Valetutti

Rebecka Virden

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