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College & University Libraries Division

Autumn Mortenson, Chair
Assistant Profession and Circulation/Reference Librarian
Ouachita Baptist University
410 Ouachita Street
Arkadelphia, aR 71998

Kristen Cooke, Vice-Chair
Library Director
E. Allen Gordon Library
University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton
1537 University Boulevard
Morrilton, AR  72110

Tamela Smith, Secretary
Library Faculty/Access Services
Torreyson Library
University of Central Arkansas
201 Donaghey Ave.
Conway, AR 72035

CULD Meeting Minutes

Fall 2018
Spring 2018

CULD Newsletter

November 2018

Past CULD Officers:

2018: Jessica Riedmueller, Chair,  Autumn Mortenson, Vice-Chair, Tamela Smith, Secretary
2017: David Sesser, Chair, Jessica Reidmueller, Vice Chair
2016: Philippe Van Houtte, Chair, Christina Thompson Shutt, Vice-Chair, David Sesser, Secretary
2015: Lacy Wolfe, Chair, Christina Thompson Shutt, Vice-Chair, Philippe Van Houtte, Secretary
2014: Sherry Tinerella, Chair
2013: Linda Evans, Chair, Sherry Tinerella, Vice-Chair, Christina Thompson, Secretary
2012: Carol Hanan, Chair, Linda Evans, Vice-Chair, Sherry Tinerella, Secretary
2011: Daniel Page, Chair, Carol Hanan, Vice-Chair, Heidi Vix, Secretary
2010: Kaye Talley, Chair, Daniel Page, Vice-Chair, Carol Hanan, Secretary
2009: Jim Robb, Chair, Kaye Talley, Vice-Chair, Daniel Page, Secretary
2008: Karin Medin/Jim Robb, Chair; Jerrie Jones Townsend, Vice-Chair; Kaye Talley, Secretary
2007: Kathie Buckman, Chair; Karin Medin, Vice-Chair; Jerrie Jones Townsend, Secretary
2006: Linda Creibaum, Chair; Kathie Buckman, Vice-Chair; Ann Dixon, Secretary
2005: Donna Daniels, Chair; Linda Creibaum, Vice-Chair; Ron Russ, Secretary
2004: Renee Le Beau-Ford, Chair; Ann Hobby, Vice-Chair; Linda Creibaum, Secretary
2003: Carol Macheak, Chair; Renee Le Beau-Ford, Vice-ChairAnn Hobby, Secretary
2002: Mark Shores, Chair; Carol Macheak, Vice-Chair; Rene Le Beau-Ford, Secretary
2001: Kathie Buckman, Chair; Mark Shores, Vice-Chair; Carol Macheak, Secretary
2000: Sharon Kerr, Chair; Kathie Buckman, Vice-Chair; Mark Shores, Secretary
1999: Necia Parker-Gibson, Chair; Sharon Kerr, Vice-Chair; Kathie Buckman, Secretary
1998: Robert Frizzell, Chair; Necia Parker-Gibson, Vice-Chair; Sharon Kerr, Secretary

Helpful Links

ARCULI-L is a private, restricted list for those employed in Arkansas academic libraries. To be added to the list, send an email to Elsie Nguyen at

ARKLIB-L – Listserv used by the Arkansas Library Association (ArLA) to communicate with its members.

ARKLink Library Consortium – Consortium of college and university libraries in Arkansas.

American Library Association – National group devoted to promoting libraries and librarianship.

Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) – The division of the American Library Association for academic libraries.

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