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7. Get Cozy!

Donated by Sherry Tinerella

Description: Included is a crocheted shawl, a quilted snack mat, a soup cup, crackers, soup book and pumpkin with candy corn.

Suggested value: $50

8. Quiltin’ and Tiltin’ – A Rock ‘N Roll Adventure

Donated by the Rogers Public Library, RPL Foundation, & the Friends of RPL

Description: Every annual ArLA Basket from RPL begins with a vinyl album donated by the Friends of RPL. Typically Ed’s pick guides my basket theme, but y’all requested quiltin’. This year Ed found a retro Baby Boomer edition called “Lovin’ Fifties” for your listening pleasure while you read their donated quilt book, “Lullaby Quilts for Babies and Dolls” by Margaret Boyles and then quilt. The showcased fabric pieces that build this DIY Hearts & Stars baby quilt and lapel pins were funded by the RPL Foundation. The blue version quilt mock up is to provide a visual of what your quilt could look like. There’s enough fabric to mix and match to your preference (2 yards of each of the main 4 colors with only 1 yard or less of each required to make 1 quilt). In addition to the quilt book and supplies, as the bag states, “Get caught listening”. While you quilt, put on your new vinyl album and sport your coordinated lapel pins. Enclosed in the oversized card pocket is a copy of the 11”x17” mock up quilt to assist you and keep it FUN! Special thanks and appreciation to RPL Staffers Jess Whitehead (fabric guru) and Nelwyn Anderson (retro theme tie in) for their assistance in putting this altogether.

Suggested value: $125

9. Pampered Chef Basket

Donated by the William F. Laman Public Library System

Description: It has a Pampered Chef cake decorator kit, mini spatula, rubber scrapper, plastic cutting boards.  It also has several cake mixes (two of which are gluten free), Halloween mug, cupcake liners, various and assorted candy, and a light-up black cat on a pumpkin figurine.  Basket is 20-inches wide.

Suggested value: $200

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